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Tidal Launches Projects Feature

Customers with large and complex application portfolios can now organize their application assessments into projects for more tailored cloud migration insights.

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New Tidal feature helps customers organize mass cloud migrations into manageable projects

Key Points:

  • Tidal announced its Projects feature today.
  • Customers, especially large enterprises and organizations, can now choose to group selected applications into Projects for more tailored insights to scope their migrations.
  • Available in AWS and Azure Marketplace today.

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TORONTO, ON, August 09, 2021.

Tidal announced its new Projects feature today for customers with large and complex application portfolios.

This new feature allows customer teams to segment their applications for the following benefits:

  • Users can easily report insights like financial highlights, project goals, and projected savings to project managers and sponsors based on selected applications within a project scope.
  • Users can track the cloud readiness assessment progress of a subset of applications more effectively.
  • A cloud readiness assessment on a single portfolio is more purpose-built with better aligned timelines and goals.
  • Mass migration projects can be broken down into manageable portfolios that can be parallelized and worked on by different teams in a migration factory at the same time.

“Our customers, including large financial institutions and government organizations, frequently phase their migration plans by departments or business units. This product feature allows them to scope groups of applications into Projects,” said David Colebatch, CEO of Tidal. “The Projects feature helps to break large portfolios down into smaller groups of tens or hundreds. Now, assessing a portfolio of thousands of applications for transformative cloud migrations becomes a tangible and realistic process.”

These features are now out of beta and generally available via AWS and Azure Marketplace.


Our mission is to empower our customers’ to transform their application portfolio and adopt cloud the right way. We achieve this with our award winning Tidal application assessment platform which centers around a business-first approach and a purpose-built, scalable framework. The platform provides a single-source-of-truth for managing the cloud voyage for each application in your portfolio and empowers collaboration from goal setting to transition execution. Tidal has Advanced Tier partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.