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Tidal Platform

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The Tidal Platform is home to a family of data-driven software products that enable modern migrations to the cloud.

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Tidal Platform

Solutions for transformative migrations

Leverage your data. Migrate faster, make savings. Plan successfully from day one.

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Home to our family of data-driven software

The Tidal Platform

Rapidly create your Business Case

Tidal Calculator

Accelerate your cloud migration

Tidal Accelerator

Intelligent cloud cost optimization

Tidal Saver

Advanced IP address management

Tidal LightMesh

Meet the Products

The Tidal Platform

Tidal is a Software-as-a-Service platform built for companies migrating to the cloud. Leverage your data. Migrate faster, make savings. Plan successfully from day one.

Build Your Business Case

Review your objectives and gain a detailed TCO analysis of your cloud migration, with Tidal Calculator, for free. Go beyond infrastructure-level discovery using an application-centric approach to cloud transformation.

Leverage Your Data

Tidal Accelerator's collaborative, application-centric approach enables you to discover, assess, plan, and manage your migration. Actionable insights transform applications for business goals.

Make Savings

Take control and optimize your cloud spend with Tidal Saver, for free. Discover and eliminate underutilized compute resources across all your cloud providers. Reduce your cloud spend by up to 70%.

Advanced IP Address Management BETA

Go beyond IP Address Management (IPAM) with Tidal LightMesh, for free. Simplify and automate the administration and management of internet protocol networks.

Your cloud migration needn’t be so stressful

Tidal dramatically increases the success of modernizing infrastructure and applications.


Plan successfully from day one. Stay on time and within budget by forecasting the cost of operating in the cloud.


Our collaborative, application-centric approach allows you to discover, assess, plan, and optimize your migration.


Modernize while you migrate. Legacy processes yield legacy results. Transform how you deliver software.


Combining our deep industry, solution, software, technical and professional expertise for maximum impact.

Built for

Tidal for Microsoft Azure Tidal for Amazon Web Services Tidal for Google Cloud

How Tidal Helps

Transformation Leaders

Tasks that once took weeks now take minutes, giving you time to focus on more value-add activities.

Project Managers

We give project stakeholders combined visibility, control, and context across your cloud migration initiative. Tidal helps ensure solid, achievable schedules.

Cloud Architects

Tidal gives easy and intuitive visibility into migration strategy, and cost transparency to take advantage of right-sizing opportunities.

Cloud Migration Experts

Teams discover, assess, plan, execute and optimize with the latest tools and methodologies for fast, data-driven migrations.

The Tidal Difference

Support for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

Remove the guesswork from mass-migrations

Comprehensive, automated application assessment (6Rs)

Value-first cloud migration business cases, enabling:

Transformative cloud migrations, not just lift-and-shift

Easy implementation, onboarding, and ongoing engagement