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We Are Tidal

Join us on our journey making cloud migration easier for all

Enabling the transformation from Enterprise IT, to Cloud.

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What We Do

Our mission is clear: to enable your rapid transformation from Enterprise IT to the Cloud

From our start in 2016 as Tidal, to today, our objective is to empower you to innovate, scale, be agile, and enjoy your journey.

Before launching the company, our experience as consultants in the migration sphere made one thing glaringly obvious - too many enterprises do not have the full picture of their applications and related technologies.

Moving to the cloud does not guarantee business agility, because how you migrate to the cloud matters. Tidal was born to help enterprises make better decisions about cloud migration with data-driven insights.

Tidal has since grown to become a cloud migration software platform that solves common problems in business case creation, application discovery, cloud readiness assessment and migration planning throughout a customer's digital transformation journey.

Through the years, Tidal has enabled greater business agility, and has saved hundreds of millions of dollars for organizations around the world across an array of industry verticals.

Meet Our Team

Here are the dedicated professionals navigating you through your journey to the cloud.