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Plan a seamless cloud migration


Make sure your cloud migration plan is bulletproof and data-driven with Tidal.

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Plan a seamless cloud migration

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Track your progress

Your team gets full visibility on what needs to happen next to complete a solid cloud migration plan. Just like a pilot running through a pre-flight checklist.

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Understand your priorities

With the right data, you’ll know which applications to tackle first for the biggest impact.

You’ll also have a clear view of all dependencies so your scope is always accurate.

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A cloud design built around your needs

The way you migrate to the cloud should be tailored to your business processes and applications, not the other way around. Tidal empowers you to uncover the data so you can plan accordingly.

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Support your communication plan

Create a schedule for your transitions and plan out communication with your team, all on a single platform. No more lost emails and spreadsheets.

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Cloud Readiness Assessment

Assessment for organizational readiness, application discovery and application assessments. Available with Tidal Accelerator.

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Tidal Experts

Tidal provides a unique cloud enablement service to customers, that reduces risk and accelerates momentum to cloud.

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