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Tidal Accelerator

Accelerate your Cloud Migration

Tidal Accelerator’s collaborative, application-centric approach allows you to discover, assess, plan, and manage your migration.

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Tidal Accelerator


Accelerate migration and unlock your agile potential


Discover Automatically

After creating your business case with Tidal Calculator, Accelerator discovers how many applications and servers you truly have.


Assess Reliably

Scope your challenge - step into a cloud migration knowing exactly what you have. Automated assessment of usage, defects, and vulnerabilities.


Plan Confidently

Take the risk and uncertainty out of migrating to the cloud. Accelerator makes your migrations bulletproof and data-driven.


Execute On-time

With pre-flight checklists, migration difficulty, dependencies, custom cloud design and shared schedule and comms.

Built for

Tidal for Microsoft Azure Tidal for Amazon Web Services Tidal for Google Cloud

How Accelerator supports the transformation model

Application and Server Discovery

Application Owner Interviews

Preliminary Application Assessment

Application and Database Target Architecture

Transition Requirements

Transition Wave Planning

Retire, Repurchase, Rehost

Refactor, Replatform, Retain


Cloud Readiness Assessment

Our cloud readiness assessment provides an organization with the clarity of vision and concrete steps required to successfully adopt cloud.

Our process includes organizational readiness, application discovery and application assessments as part of the Journey to the Cloud.

Journey to the Cloud


Discover Your Data

Tidal takes a layered approach to discovering your data. Use a spreadsheet to begin or tap into all the discovery capability of our cross-platform command-line utility, Tidal Tools.

Learn how much you can save with your custom cloud migration strategy.

Discover your data


Application Owner Interviews

Migrations aren’t a one-man operation, which is why efficient stakeholder interviews are crucial to your success.

Accelerator comes readily loaded with 20 questions within a streamlined user interface for you to capture consistent details from everyone involved.

This pipeline is entirely customizable for your own migration and can be easily rolled out to your entire team.

Application owner interviews

On track and on time

Ensure your project is on track and completed on time

Ensuring that your project is completed on time is critical to a successful migration project. With Tidal Accelerator you can now easily track your cloud migration's current progress and the status of all tasks. Easily leverage your existing project management processes in Jira and leverage Tidal to effectively track the execution of your application planning, and execution.

Organizational Skills Assessment

Modernize while you Migrate

Get Control

Unified intelligence, control and context across cloud migrations.

Deep insights into your IT environment and application portfolio: discovery, assessment and planning — enable objective, data-driven decisions for transformative migration on a per application basis.

Portfolio Insights

Reimagine Migration Without Complexity

The Tidal Platform is home to a family of data-driven software products that enable modern migrations to the cloud. Get to know Tidal.