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September 2022 Newsletter, Tidal

New updates from Tidal

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September 2022 Newsletter, Tidal

I don’t know if you’re familiar with this new calendar, but now that September’s done, it’s basically next year. When you see what we’ve been up to, you’ll see why we’re feeling accelerated!

What’s New with Us

Globe & Mail Report on Business

We’re entirely thrilled to have been included in the Globe & Mail’s Report on Business ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies for the second year running, appearing at 81 of 430 great Canadian companies who have experienced growth during a very tricky few years. Find us here as well as our peers with whom we’re fortunate to share this distinction.

AWS Impact Report

These past few months have been truly exciting for Tidal—on September 21st, our CEO David These past few months have been truly exciting for Tidal—on September 21st, our CEO David Colebatch joined a crew of very inspiring people onstage with the Economic Club of Canada to discuss how cloud drives economic growth in Canada. With many great voices involved, it was an excellent discussion moderated by Eric Gales, Country Manager of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Canada. Check out some more details.

In concurrence with this event, we’ve also had the honour of being selected to be part of the AWS Impact Report, along with Chief Digital and Data Officer for the province of Ontario Hillary Hartley, and AWS Canada Country Manager Eric Gales. Find us here in the report!

New Tidal Crew

We want to keep this inspiration train going—if one of these roles embodies what gets you up in the morning, reach out to us, and we’d love to meet you:

AWS Cloud Migration Consultant - Migration & Modernization

Azure Cloud Migration Consultant - Migration & Modernization

Azure Cloud Architect - Migration & Modernization

Migration Hacker - Product Team

Migration Hacker - Partner Services Team

Why work at Tidal? Learn a bit more about us!

Tidal Events

In addition to the panel, we also got to attend the AWS Summit in Ottawa earlier this month, where we got to meet real live people in person! Take a look at a recap if you missed it.

Coming up:

This year’s Microsoft Ignite is fast approaching, running from October 12-14. Join us and see some great speakers lined up including CEO Satya Nadella!

A close neighbour will be Google Cloud Next, running from October 11-13, register and pick up what are sure to be some great learnings. CEO Thomas Kurian will be there too!

We’re busy next month—David will also be presenting at Aliter Technologies’ Cloudy Conference on October 27th, a Tidal Partner in Europe. The topic: “All mass-migrations involve Hybrid cloud. Your operating model needs to evolve." I’m hooked.

Product Highlights

Tidal Tools 2.0

This month we’ve released several new features in Tidal Tools, our CLI utility that’s used for all sorts of migration discovery and analysis tasks.

One of these updates is a new and improved integration with vSphere for server discovery. Now, by default, Tidal Tools will collect the Hostname, FQDN, Operating System details, RAM and Storage data, CPU details, IP Addresses and more, all with one simple command.

There have also been a lot of improvements to existing commands—you can now easily perform source code analysis on an internet air-gapped device and upload the results in a subsequent command. We also made several improvements and fixes to small issues in manipulating infrastructure datasets via the API using the sync and API request commands.

Go on and give it a try by installing or updating to the latest version of Tidal Tools right on your laptop!

Cloud News

  • Linux vets unite behind CIQ, Rocky Linux’s founding sponsor - Much like your favourite boxer ascending to the top of the steps, our old friend Linux is climbing to the cloud with new distribution Rocky Linux. To get there, they’ve got some real help from the leaders of the newer CIQ, namely, Gregory M. Kurtzer, a creator of CentOS, the popular Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) cloneCIQ is to Rocky Linux as Red Hat is to RHEL. Should be a fun climb!
  • Dig scoops up $34M to tackle the fragmented world of cloud data security - Brace yourselves—corporate data stored in the cloud has now reached 60%. And this wise startup, Dig Security, is doing the important work of tackling the sticky complexity of the security of the matter—and their investors clearly agree!
  • J.P. Morgan seeks cloud payments push with Renovite acquisition - We’re always looking for new ways to pay—and banking giant J.P. Morgan is stepping up, acquiring Renovate, a major contributor to cloud-native payment technology in the United States, India and United Kingdom. Lots of other banks and fintech startups are also looking to the cloud to combat the rising costs of legacy tech in this area.
  • Walmart enters the metaverse with Roblox experiences aimed at younger shoppers - Shoppers under 25: start financing an Oculus—Walmart is now offering two experiences on the gaming platform Roblox to try and experiment with a different kind of engagement with the brand. Rumour has it, you can even test-drive clothes shopping with your avatar. Ready Player 1!
  • Nvidia launches new services for training large language models - AI developers used to have to create large language models (LLMs) from scratch. Get ready to hear a lot more about Nvidia, who created the NeMo LLM Service and BioNeMo LLM Service, which both make it easier to adapt LLMs for text generation and summarization, and also protein structure prediction. That last one will mean a lot for the healthcare sector!

That’s all for September, and if you liked what you read, feel free to hit the share links below.

If you missed us last month, catch up on our August Newsletter.

See you next year—I mean—in October!