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Tidal, now an AWS Migration & Modernization Competency Partner

The AWS Migration & Modernization Competency designation recognizes technical proficiency and proven customer success automating and accelerating customer application migration and modernization.

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September 7, 2022

Tidal, a leading provider of transformative migrations for enterprises moving to the cloud, announced today that it has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Migration and Modernization Competency status for AWS Partners. Tidal is also an AWS Advanced Public Sector Technology Partner.

This designation recognizes that Tidal has demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success automating and accelerating customer application migration and modernization journeys.

AWS launched the AWS Migration and Modernization Competency to allow customers to easily and confidently engage highly specialized AWS Partners that help AWS customers modernize their applications, either before or after they are moved to AWS. The AWS Migration and Modernization Competency takes on the heavy lifting of identifying and validating industry leaders with proven customer success and technical proficiency in migration and application modernization tooling.

Achieving the AWS Migration and Modernization Competency differentiates Tidal as an AWS Partner with deep domain expertise delivering software products that help customers embrace cloud and application transformation, reducing licensing costs, optimizing operational costs, and improving performance, agility, and resiliency. These tools can perform an application portfolio assessment, identifying the applications that are candidates for modernization; augment and automate developer tasks to carry out the modernization of legacy applications.

“Through this rigorous program, we have been able to demonstrate our expertise in helping customers achieve their business transformation goals by moving their applications to AWS,” said Krystle Khoo, Chief Strategy Officer and AWS Alliance Leader, Tidal, “This designation recognizes that Tidal has demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in identifying, assessing, and planning application migrations to AWS.”

Tidal specializes in cloud migration for enterprises with mission-critical workloads that need a scalable cloud migration methodology and software to assess and plan application transformative migrations across the various departments in the enterprise. The Tidal SaaS platform aligns business goals with modernized cloud-native application architecture that minimize disruption and risk, and maximize cost savings.

The AWS Competency Program helps customers identify Consulting and Technology APN Partners with deep industry experience, technical proficiency, and proven customer success in specialized solution areas. To receive an AWS Competency, APN Partners must undergo a rigorous business and technical validation process.

“We are thrilled to be recognized by AWS as a Migration & Modernization Software Competency Partner," said David Colebatch, CEO at Tidal. “Cloud transformation is not just about lifting-and-shifting applications to the cloud anymore; it’s about rethinking how we deploy and manage application architectures in order to run them more efficiently, free up capital investments for innovation initiatives and transform the business of IT."

About Tidal

Tidal is a Migration & Modernization Software Competency Partner, Advanced Technology Partner, Public Sector Partner, and Select Tier Services Partner with Amazon Web Services. Its mission is to enable rapid transformation from Enterprise IT to the Cloud. They achieve this with an application assessment platform, which uses a business-first approach and a purpose-built, scalable framework. The platform is designed and built specifically for enterprise AWS customer migration and transformation projects.

Tidal is a software partner qualified to provide AWS customers with Optimization and Modernization Assessments, which is designed to promote, accelerate, and financially justify the migration and modernization of workloads to the cloud. Through an OMA, customers will receive 6R disposition recommendations, key dependency mapping, and cloud-native target architecture recommendations based on a data-driven approach that includes static source code analysis, database-configuration analysis, and technology fingerprinting. AWS pricing estimates for comparison to the current environment are also provided. An OMA is free to qualified AWS customers.

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